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America's Original Applewood Smoked Meats

Nueske's Photo Gallery

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John Nueske was a good student at the right hand of his father Wilhelm as he learned to smoke meat in Europe in the 1800s.

In the 1950s Robert Nueske's (R.C. to his friends and customers) lone delivery truck grew to a small fleet.  Shipments were made all over Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota.


Founder Robert C. Nueske with
 his first delivery truck. On it he carefully hand-painted "Bob's Fancy Meats" to advertise his new meat business.  


A young Bob Nueske peers over the shoulders of his Aunts Irma and Elda as they show him how to make sausage. 



The Nueske family's original smokehouse still stands on the grounds just in front of the Wittenberg retail store.


These early Nueske's delivery trucks bear the slogan "Taste Tells" on the windshield.  Then and now, the unmatched flavor yielded from gentle Applewood smoking says it all.