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America's Original Applewood Smoked Meats

Chefs Prefer Nueske’s

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"If you are from Wisconsin then bacon and Nueske's are synonymous with each other. The applewood-smoked bacon is the best bacon I have ever tasted. I love the saltiness, the smell travels through the halls of our Inn and it will wake people out of their sleep."
Chef John Williams
Sundara Spa & Resort, WI


"I use Nueske's slab bacon. I slice it paper-thin and wrap it around the salmon. I serve it on a peapod puree, because the peapod, salmon and bacon, they love each other. The smokiness of the bacon is just incredible. I don't think you can do that with any regular bacon, because the bacon is too soft to slice paper-thin. You almost slice it like prosciutto. Nueske's is like a steak compared to other bacon. There's a big, big difference between Nueske bacon and regular bacon."
Chef Rainer Langbein
Pacific Club Newport Beach, CA


"There are no other products that can equal Nueske's. The applewood-smoked pork chop is one of our signature dishes. Fresh cherries from the mountains are available in Colorado. We love to make a fresh wild cherry chutney to serve with pork chops. The fruitiness paired with the full flavor of the applewood smoked pork chop is a heavenly marriage. Our guests always comment on what a delicious dish it is when we're serving Nueske's."
Chef Clyde Nelson
Home Ranch Clark, CO