Great-Grandpa John Nueske was an excellent student at the right hand of his father, Wilhelm, as he learned to smoke meat in Europe during the late 1800s.


In the 1950s, founder R.C. Nueske's lone company truck launched growth of a small fleet, which he  used to deliver his Applewood Smoked Meats.



Founder R. C. Nueske with his first delivery truck. On its sides, he carefully hand-painted "Bob's Fancy Meats" to advertise his new smoked meat business.


Nueske family members have always been proud to contribute to the company's success. Here, Aunts Irma and Elda (right) make sausage to fill incoming customer orders.



Nueske's vintage smokehouse stands in front of our Company Store on old Highway 29 in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.


Early Nueske's delivery trucks were emblazoned with the slogan "Taste Tells,"  in reference to the unique signature flavor of Nueske Applewood Smoked Meats.