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Not as pictured, mostly fat not a lot of meat


I had this bacon out in Scottsdale AZ where they slow roasted and maple glazed the bacon, fantastic! Meaty, tender, flavorful. We asked the waiter what bacon was this and he said Nueskes. Well a bunch of us wound up ordering. While the bacon is tasty, the meat to fat ratio is awful. All my pieces were more than 50% fat, awful. I cooked it up for 2 parties I had and people were cutting and leaving the fat. I spoke to a few people and while the taste was good, the fat was overwhelming. For what I'm paying, I could just as easily go to my local butcher and get their bacon which I can see before I buy and I know is high quality. I have pictures that I would be happy to send. Probably will not buy the bacon again, perhaps some other product. Too bad, very sad waste of money..

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