"We not only produce the world’s finest quality smoked bacon, ham, poultry and smoked meats, 

but we strive to hire the best employees and create an engaging workplace. 

Our culture is built on respect, integrity and trust.

We are committed to cultivating a vibrant future with your involvement.

We look forward to learning more about YOU."

Tanya_SignaturePicture of Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats CEO and company President, Tayna Nueske


Photo of smiling Nueske's employees and information on Nueske's company culture- "Our Culture is rooted in the Nueske family's tradition, and legacy of producing the highest quality smoked meats and their commitment to the Wittenberg area. We demonstrate our commitment to protect and promote the Nueske's brand and image by: staying true to the smoking process, paying attention to the aethetics in all aspects of our work, being customer centric, and valuing and respecting our team members. Each person who joins the Nueske's family takes pride in and own's their contribution to Nueske's Applewood Smoked Meats being the best, not the biggest."

Employees Testimonials- Lindsey Javoroski, with the Company store for 3 years, "What I like best about working here is the customers, the other employees, and all the different things I do everyday at my job." Darryl Zeinert, processing for 27 years "One of the reasons I like working here is that if you work hard, then they will reward you."

   Nueske's Crest- "There were many who told me that in order to grow you had to 'follow the trend'... bigger is better... I soon learned that growing BIG was not what I wanted our company to be... To me it was more important that others would know us as we truly were... in our promises... standards of truth and honesty... we had to have a great product, but the "taste" of dishonest business practices would soon take us down, even if we had the best bacon in the world!"- Bob Nueske


Nueske's offers many benefits- 401(k) with company match, tuition reimbursement up to $1,000, vacation & PTO package, medical, dental, life, disability, & vision insurance, employee discount, employee referral program, annual company picnic, holiday parties, community service opportunities, wellness group.


Drawing of Nueske's Company Store Barn

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