Use of "Roasted" on Bacon Product Labels

What’s Changing?

Starting in 2024, you will notice the word “Roasted” before the word “bacon” on all retail, mail order, and wholesale bacon product labels.

Example: “Applewood Smoked Bacon” will now read “Applewood Smoked Roasted Bacon.”

When Will Customers See These Changes Take Place?

Gradually, throughout the first half of 2024 as inventory of existing product inventory is depleted.

Have Our Recipes Changed?

Our delicious recipes have not changed.

Why Are We Adding the Word “Roasted” to our Bacon Labels?

To align with the labeling needs of our customers across the country.

We refer to our smoking process as “low and slow”. We use full applewood or cherrywood logs to smoke at low heat for up to twenty-four hours. The term “roasted” is another way to describe that process and is part of the secret behind our signature rich, sweet, smoky flavor.

What Products Have New Labels?

All retail, mail order, and foodservice bulk and irregular bacon products.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Please call Sales Administration at 1-800-382-2266 or send an email with a copy to for additional information or getting help handling customer questions.