Smoked Bratwurst Sampler


This Smoked Bratwurst Sampler is our way of quadrupling your love for smoked brats. Because who are we to limit you to loving only one?

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Here's a delicious array of our exclusive Applewood Smoked bratwursts in a single sample. Assortment includes:

Applewood Smoked Bratwurst (1 lb.), made from fresh pork and beef, seasoned according to secret Nueske's family recipe.
Cheddar Bratwurst (1 lb.), our classic bratwurst generously infused with Wisconsin Cheddar cheese..
Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst (1 lb.), flavor-enhanced with real Cheddar and Nueske's Applewood Smoked Bacon...
Jalapeno Bacon Cheddar Bratwurst (1 lb.), with ground jalapeno pepper added for a shot of zesty brat character.

All four varieties come fully cooked, ready to heat and enjoy. Four 1lb vacuum-sealed packs (one of each variety), approximately 5 links per pound. Total weight (4 lbs.)

To Store: Refrigerate immediately.

To Serve: Fully cooked, ready to warm and serve.

Grill: Place links on grill 7-9 inches above heat source. Use LOW heat to avoid split casings. Heat 10-12 minutes, turning frequently with tongs.

Skillet: Add ¼ cup water to the bottom of the skillet and add the sausages to the pan. Cover and simmer over LOW heat for approximately 10-12 minutes, turning often with tongs.

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