Medium Sliced Applewood Smoked Peppered Bacon

Smoked Pepper Bacon
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Smoked Pepper Bacon
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Fresh-cracked peppercorns (Tellicherry, the world's finest from India) – plus, 24 hours of leisurely smoking over sweet Wisconsin Applewood – give this delicious medium-sliced bacon a uniquely zesty flavor you and your family will find impossible to resist.

Chances are you've never seen bacon so lean, that shrinks so little in the pan. Experience this delectable Nueske's bacon yourself... or give it as a welcome gift to loved ones, friends and associates. Comes in handy 1 lb. vacuum-sealed packages.

Store & Prepare

To Store: Refrigerate immediately. Vacuum-packaged bacon will keep for 12 weeks in refrigerator, or up to 1 year in freezer. Once opened, use within 1 week.

To Fry: For best results, place bacon in unheated skillet. Cook over MEDIUM LOW heat. Turn frequently until desired crispness is attained. (You'll notice less shrinkage than with other brands.)

Microwave: On microwave-safe plate, place bacon slices side by side between layers of paper toweling. Cook on HIGH for the following approximate times:
2 slices - 1.5 minutes
4 slices - 3 minutes
6 slices - 4 minutes

Oven-Baked: Preheat oven to 350°F.  Place slices close together on rimmed baking sheet (rim prevents grease from dripping on oven's heating elements).  For easiest cleanup, place parchment paper on sheet prior to placing bacon (make sure paper doesn't hang over edges of baking sheet).  Bake 20 minutes or until desired doneness; no need to turn bacon during cooking.  Place bacon on paper toweling to drain.

How to Cook or Grill Bacon

How to Cook or Grill Nueske's Bacon






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