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Widmer's Traditional Trio

Widmer's Cheese Trio
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Widmer's Cheese Trio
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Third-generation cheese-maker Joe Widmer of Theresa, Wisconsin creates the most delicious cheeses using the same secret recipes his Granddad John Widmer used in 1912.

Which might explain why Widmer’s cheeses are packed with old-fashioned flavor and delicious goodness – you’ve never tasted anything like these. Included in this trio are three 14 oz. blocks of each variety:

  • Mild Cheddar, smooth, rich texture with nutty flavor
  • Mild Brick, a young, soft cheese that’s mild and buttery sweet
  • Colby, mild flavor with firm texture.

All three cheeses are made from premium Wisconsin cow’s milk. Total weight of Widmer's Traditional Trio (2 lbs. 12 oz.)

Store & Prepare

To Store: Refrigerate immediately. Once your cheese is opened we suggest you wrap it tightly in plastic wrap or place in a tightly sealed container to prevent cheese from drying. Cheese may be frozen but it is not recommended as it will alter its texture when thawed.     
Unopened cheese can be kept for months, once opened we recommend using within 3 weeks.
To Serve:  To bring cheese to its full natural flavor, keep at room temperature for a half hour before serving.


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