Smoked Peppered Bacon

Fresh-cracked Tellicherry pepper adds a zesty flavor to our award-winning bacon.

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As if our famous Applewood Smoked Bacon isn’t the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted, we hand-applied a coating of freshly cracked Tellicherry peppercorns (often considered the World’s finest pepper) and the result is our decadent, Smoked Peppered Bacon. Peppery, but not overpowering, and oh-so flavorful, you’ll want to add it to every recipe. And we won’t blame you.

Honored with a Silver Award in the prestigious national Specialty Food Association competition, our Smoked Peppered Bacon makes a great hostess gift and will quickly become the talk of the table.

Vaccum-sealed in 12 oz. packages.

To Store: Refrigerate immediately.

To Fry: For best results, place bacon in unheated skillet. Cook over MEDIUM LOW heat. Turn frequently until desired crispness is attained. (You'll notice less shrinkage than with other brands.)

Oven-Baked: Preheat oven to 350°F. Place slices close together on rimmed baking sheet (rim prevents grease from dripping on oven's heating elements). For easiest cleanup, place parchment paper on sheet prior to placing bacon (make sure paper doesn't hang over edges of baking sheet). Bake 20 minutes or until desired crispness. There is no need to turn bacon during cooking. Place bacon on paper toweling to drain.

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