Deluxe Cheese & Sausage Gift Box


The perfect gift for those with good taste.

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There are those who appreciate premium foods and those who won’t settle for anything less. THIS is the gift they’ll love. A gift box full of the very best meats and cheeses you can find. Included are:

Landjaeger (6 oz.)
Beef & Pork Summer Sausage (10 oz.)
All Beef Summer Sausage (10 oz.)
Focaccia Chips (3 oz.)
Plain Dipping Pretzel (12 oz.)
Spicy Beer Cheese Spread (7 oz.)
Pepper Jack Cheese Spread (8 oz.)
Sartori Old World Cheddar (7 oz.)
Sartori Heritage Cheddar (7 oz.)
Honey Mustard (10 oz.)

Total weight (5 lbs.)

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