Applewood Smoked Cooked Mettwurst

One of the first sausages produced by R. C. Nueske in the late 1930s, our Mettwurst has stood the test of time. It's pleasing our customers generations later because it's STILL made from Nueske's personal recipe.

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Gently smoked over glowing Applewood embers, this Mettwurst is made from ground pork & beef, onion, and special spices... then carefully packed in flavor-enhancing natural casing. As versatile as it is delicious, ideal for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Individually packed 12 oz. rings, vacuum sealed.

To Store: Refrigerate immediately.  

To Serve: Fully cooked, ready to warm and serve.

Steam:  Add Mettwurst and 1/4 cup of water to skillet.  Warm over low heat until heated through.

Grill: Place on grill 7-9 inches above heat source. Use LOW heat to avoid split casing. Heat for 10-12 minutes, turning occasionally with tongs. 

Skillet:  To fry Mettwurst, remove natural casing, cut into 2-inch pieces and fry over Medium Heat until lightly browned.

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